Wash over me.

Waves a persistent drum beat on the shore.

A comfort roar.

Pelicans dive bomb the ocean

one swift motion

in search for breakfast

a tidy exit.

Dear sea

please soothe me.

Salt air.

Make things fair.

Yes sea!

Wash over me…


Hurray For The Creative Among Us…He Brought Pie People!

So I’m sitting at the front desk today at my “day” job and a cold caller sales rep comes in the door. Groan, another dusty, tired pitch that I’ve heard over and over again. I could not have been more wrong! I notice he’s carrying an enormous pumpkin pie.

He says, “I’m the pie guy.” (Turns out what he was selling had nothing to do with pies).

He smiles at the puzzled look on my face and proceeds to put on a felt pie hat (think cheese head).

“How do I look?” he asks.

Playing along, I respond, “awesome!”

He then proceeds to give his pitch and get the contact information he wanted from me.

Yippee! A creative soul. Someone who didn’t rely on the usual. Someone who thought outside the box (or the pie pan in this case).

Someone who wasn’t afraid to look a bit silly. And guess what? It worked. I put myself out for him. I emailed my boss and later spoke with her about him. Something I’ve never done for any other sales person that has walked through the door unexpectedly.

The lesson in this? Be creative. Be different. Don’t be afraid to look a little silly. Look at me, I’m over 50 and I’ve decided to try to become a published author. I can hear the heads shaking back and forth from where I sit. I know some people must think I am totally nuts. But you know what? I don’t care. I’m doing this. I’m writing this book. Even though society as a whole may tell me I’m too old to follow such dreams. Well, dreams are not the single possession of the young.

So let’s do this thing called life. And, live it out loud. Be creative. Smile and dream on!

Much Love,


An Open Heart Takes Courage


Yes, an open heart takes courage.

To peer past the pain of former hurt.

To rise up and love others despite their faults.

To trust again and not close down.

Yet an open heart will not open to threats and insults.

An open heart must be wrapped in love.

So love without judgment.

Free yourself and others from the critic inside and out.

Yes fly yourself and help others to fly along the way!



The Box


Four sides

and a top

and a bottom.

Sucked in like a sardine

gasping for breath.

Trapped inside.

Bright butterfly of freedom

bursting forth

smashing the box.

Lifting the lid.

The box no longer

able to contain

A new day.


Purr Symphony


Gently they wake me

one to my left

one to my right.

Fur motorboats humming

in a sea of bed covers.

Eight paws, two sets of whiskers.

My buddies.

My comforters.

I close my eyes

and take in

the purr symphony

written just for me.


Most Of Us Don’t Own Maseratis


True, most of us don’t own Maseratis

but that is okay.

We make our way down the path of life.

Sometimes it’s on our own two feet

in shoes as worn and duct taped as our souls feel.

We tread lightly with our heavy hearts.

But we keep going

even when the world says we are nothing

without that Maserati.

Yet to love deep

to laugh loud

that is more valuable than some possession.

A piece of metal to rust and be replaced.

Yes, mansions, Maseratis, and money

are nice.

But people, places, and peace of mind

give us a life worth living.


I Could Count Every Teardrop


I could count every teardrop I’ve ever cried

but I won’t do that.

I could continue to turn the past over and over in my head

but I am determined to stop doing that.

I could put a number to the occasions that others have hurt me

but I choose to move on with my life.

I prefer to remember the smiles.

To treasure the laughter in my heart.

To look to the people in my life who take me as I am.

To do the best I can to love others from my heart.

Yes, I could drown in the tears I’ve shed,

What benefit is there in that to me?

Yes, I will remember to smile.

Yes, I will remember to love.