Novel Sneak Peak – Tom’s Embarrassment

Suddenly, a beautiful young woman approaches him. She is wearing a brightly colored flower printed dress and is barefoot. Tom thinks to himself how this is how women in movies about Hawaii dressed; it must be native dress. In her arms she carried what looked to Tom to be necklaces made of lovely, aromatic white flowers.

“Excuse me sir. Would you like to buy a lei?”

“Um, uh well I’m flattered.” Tom had to admit the offer was tempting. He hadn’t been with a woman in the five years since Amanda died.

“Say, is it not illegal what you are doing? I mean prostitution.” Tom asks, lowering his voice.

“Sir?” The young woman takes a step back and looks at Tom puzzled.

Before Tom can say anything else, Happy is beside him again. Not only smiling, Happy is laughing so hard tears are now running down his face.

“No, my friend. She didn’t ask if you wanted to buy a lay? The flowers she is holding are called leis. L-e-i-s.”

His face now brick red, Tom turns to the woman.

“Honey, I am so sorry. I don’t think I could be more embarrassed. Please excuse me.”

The woman smiles and moves away quickly.

“Happy, you saved me from making even more of a fool of myself. Thank you my friend.”


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