My Writing Is Me

thought 2



I appreciate constructive criticism, really I do. However, recently I received a review of part of the novel that I am working on that I felt crossed the line to rudeness and bad taste. There were some comparisons to scooby-do (not a children’s book). My plot was archaic. And, the worst of all, the group needed to brainstorm to make my story better. MY story. If anyone needs to brainstorm, it is me for MY story. I’m trying to get past it. But, it hurt. And it made me wonder, “Why am I bothering with this?” Who am I kidding. I’m not a writer. I suck. I stink. If not, I wouldn’t have received such a scathing review. So, what do I do? Do I let it drag me down? Do I give up? Or, do I believe in this story that I’ve worked so hard on? A story that I know has merit and has “good bones.” Ah! The life of a writer…I don’t know if I have the stomach for it.



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