My Mystery…It’s cozy!

I’ve been struggling to write this book. I’ve filled it with villains, good guys …you name it. Thing is, I lost my desire to write this story. You see my antagonists are terrorists. With what has been happening lately in the world, I have lost my desire to write about this subject., Then I find out about this genre called cozy mysteries. Not realizing what they were called, this is actually one of my favorite types of books (example: The Cat Who series by Lillian Jackson Braun.) Cozy mysteries are heavy on story and charm and light on sex and violence. Sex and violence are two topics I am just not comfortable putting in my story….I just want to tell a good story (hopefully others will see it that way.)  So, be gone you terrorists! (both real and fiction) I will no longer make you the focus of my story.

My goal now is that my one book idea will now be a series of books based on my main character. Therefore, without further ado, please allow me to introduce Tom Carroll; travel writer, amateur sleuth, a man who cannot help but get into trouble.  The Governor of Hawaii has disappeared. Tom is intrigued by this high profile disappearance and takes a trip to Hawaii to see what he can find out about the Governor. Of course, he gets much more than he bargains for as he delves deeper into the Governor’s past.

More is to come, including at least one short story about Tom and his back story before the current book that I am working on. I am excited to write these books and, determined to enjoy the ride! I hope that you will join me on the journey.

Much love to you all,





One thought on “My Mystery…It’s cozy!

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    Busy weekend! But, I had some positive feedback today that I am going the right way with this story. So, I thought I would just re-blog this. Also, I want to put some people at ease that know me…This will be a story that anyone can read. …Much Love Eileen


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