Yes, Life is Precious



I was driving home last night about 9:30 and my life almost changed in a flash.  I was making a left turn at a light and suddenly, a few feet from the crosswalk, a man in dark clothing ran out in front of my car! Thankfully, I didn’t hit him…but it was close. Did he have a death wish? Or, was he just plain stupid? I don’t know. But it made me think about life and what a gift it is.  We must care and care deeply. Sir, whoever and wherever you are, please know that if I would have hit you, my life would have never been the same. Even though it would have been an accident, I never ever would have forgiven myself if I would have hurt another human being. A son, a father, someone’s brother. Your life is precious to me. All life is precious to me.

So, we can’t waste life. Not on negativity. Not on hurt feelings. These things that can brush by us so quickly, like a scorching comet, but hurt. But, feelings heal. A minute wasted on anger or badness is a minute we could have reached out to another human. Sixty seconds we could have put to good use helping another in need.

Yes, life is precious. It is a gem. A flower of the most fragrant kind. On this Friday afternoon, join me in celebrating life, love and happiness.

Be careful out there ya’ll.

Much Love,



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