Hawaii’s State Capital Building



In doing research for the book that I am writing, I discovered the State Capital Building in Oahu. What a fascinating place! It is rich in symbolism.

For example, opening in March 16, 1969, the building has the following features:

*A reflecting pool surrounds the outside of the building that symbolizes the Pacific Ocean.  Sadly, this pool has been plagued for a long time with leaking and algae issues (the algae apparently causes a bad smell). The government leaders have been going back and forth on how to remedy the problem.

*Two cone shaped legislative chambers symbolizing shapes of volcanoes that make up the Hawaiian islands.

*The columns on the outside of the building are in the shape of Royal Palm Trees. There are eight columns on either side of the building symbolizing the eight main islands.

*Like many structures in Hawaii, it is built with an open air design which allows the elements inside the building.

*The area in the middle of the building goes up to and open sky; normally there would be a rotunda. It is said that the sky is the building’s rotunda.

So, as you can imagine, this building fills me with inspiration and story for my book. With great appreciation, I thank the architects Belt, Lemmon & Lo and John Carl Warnecke & Associates. As well as the wonderful people of the state of Hawaii.

Mahalo and much love,



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