Oh! My Aching Blog!

I’m so frustrated with myself! I love blogging. Why can’t I keep it up on a regular basis? Arghh…what is wrong with me??!!

Okay. Enough of the ranting. To hopefully get me kickstarted (our should I say butt kicked), I am sharing something I wrote in an email to my writing group. They said it was a good piece of writing. So here it is. And yes, this really did happen to my poor husband. But, he’s on the mend and doing much better now.

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” John Lennon

Yesterday, I was getting ready to send off my 20 pages (for our writers group meeting.) Honestly, these pages kicked my butt. I’ve cried. I’ve agonized. Many glasses of wine I have consumed. Anyway, I am getting ready to send my pages as my husband is working on the garage door downstairs. Suddenly, I hear him scream in pain. I run downstairs to find him with his hand stuck between the garage door and the door track! Finally understanding what happened, I get a crow bar and free him from the door. Sparing you the gory details, we spent the next several hours in the ER finding out how bad of an injury we are dealing with. It could have been much worse. He damaged one finger only, but, to the point of having to see a hand surgeon tomorrow for possible work to get the tendons in his finger repaired (exactly what ended up happening). Now, I’m pretty squeamish; adrenaline is an amazing thing! I made it through the blood (lots of it). I made it through seeing the inside of my husband’s finger (feeling woozy). We will get through this (and did). Wow!

So, there it is folks. Watch out for those garage doors out there!

Much Love,



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