Hope Dreams and Inspiration

It can only take a flicker of hope to ignite a fire within us. Hope in a better world. For us. For others. Hope in life and love. To love and be loved. Hope to make a change.

Hope leads to the dreams. Our dreams are fed like the richest, best fertilizer,strong and lush, by our hope. So, we dream big! We may dream of better for our family, our race, our community. It’s what we do with that hope, those dreams, that matters. Do we seek out peace with others? Do we contribute when our fellow man is touched by tragedy or disaster? Of course we do! Because hope is a feeling, much like love, that moves us to action.

So, we can be inspired by it all. The good – a spectacular sunset falling on a sparkling ocean. The bad – a natural disaster that moves us to action. The ugly – when violence rears its ugly head; we are angry. Everything can inspire us. Inspire us to write about it. To volunteer to help those in need. To learn. To grow.

This thing we call living, it feeds our hopes, dreams, and inspires us to the best version of ourselves.

Much Love,



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