You Wont Find It Here

no parking.jpg

As I see the endless articles about the political race here in the US, as I cringe when I see another story about what the Kardashians are doing, as I see someone airing their dirty laundry all over the internet, I say to all…you won’t find it parked here on my blog! Everyone else can write about all of that (and if that is what people want to write about, fine and good). For me, writing is therapeutic, a joy, my passion. So, I want to use it to entertain, to make others laugh, smile, or maybe even cheer. I changed the genre of the book I am writing because I simply couldn’t bear to even think about getting into terrorists heads or to write about violence. I firmly believe I can tell a good story without all of that madness! So, I will let my characters shine. My protagonist Tom will be the hero I want him to be; the good guy that wants to save the day. And can’t we use some more heroes these days? Even fictional ones.

So, hooray for the word. Yippee to stories you can sink down in and get lost. And yay to the storytellers (all of us have a story to tell). Tell your story, but do it with joy and passion!

Much Love,



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