My Writing Buddy


Writing can be a lonely venture. It is me, my computer, and the thoughts swirling through my head. So, that is why I am grateful for my writing buddy. She’s cute, she’s furry, and she has tons of personality. Somehow we were able to capture her fun, playful, goofy nature in the name we gave her. Please meet Luci Loo. Sure, we got her from a rescue shelter. Yet, the saying is true…who actually rescued who?

As my writing buddy, here is what she does for me:

*Helps me multi task. I have learned to write while balancing 15 pounds of cat on my lap. I believe I have gotten quite good at it.

*Editing. At times she stands on the keyboard and adds random letters and numbers to my story. Thank goodness for that back button!

*Lets me know when I have been at work long enough. She will come up behind me and give the most pitiful of meows. She knows how to get to me. When she does this, I stop,pick her up, and say, “Aw, poor kitty.”

*Humor. She can break my frustration with my writing by doing something funny. Right now she is burrowing under the blanket in the room, making her “kitty cave”. As she burrows, she always meows. I think she is saying, “look at me mom.”

So, I am grateful for my little writing buddy. And I realize I am not alone in my literary love of cats. When Luci is in the room with me, I often think of Ernest Hemingway and his six toed cats. I imagine him at his typewriter, cat in his lap, pounding out another literary masterpiece.

So, thanks little furry writing assistant. You have made this literary  journey a lot less lonely.

Much Love,






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