My Mystery…It’s cozy!

Busy weekend! But, I had some positive feedback today that I am going the right way with this story. So, I thought I would just re-blog this. Also, I want to put some people at ease that know me…This will be a story that anyone can read. …Much Love Eileen

Eileen Choquette - Writer, Traveler, Enjoying Life

I’ve been struggling to write this book. I’ve filled it with villains, good guys …you name it. Thing is, I lost my desire to write this story. You see my antagonists are terrorists. With what has been happening lately in the world, I have lost my desire to write about this subject., Then I find out about this genre called cozy mysteries. Not realizing what they were called, this is actually one of my favorite types of books (example: The Cat Who series by Lillian Jackson Braun.) Cozy mysteries are heavy on story and charm and light on sex and violence. Sex and violence are two topics I am just not comfortable putting in my story….I just want to tell a good story (hopefully others will see it that way.)  So, be gone you terrorists! (both real and fiction) I will no longer make you the focus of my story.

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