Coco Palms Resort – Kauai Hi


Today, my book research has been about the Coco Palms Resort on the island of Kauai. If you’ve seen the Elvis move Blue Hawaii, you’ve seen the resort at its best. Sadly though the resort was damaged badly in 1992 by Hurricane Iniki and abandoned. So, for decades, this beautiful resort has sat vacant and abandoned, a lost jewell stranded in paradise.

Yet, the area where the hotel sits has a long and interesting history. Far beyond the tourists, the mai tais , and the sun screen. The area was home to Kauai’s “ali” or royalty since the 13th century until the reign of Kauai’s last queen Deborah Papule in the mid-19th century.

There is one of the largest coconut groves on all of the Hawaiian Islands on the property. Many famous people took part in the ceremony to replenish the trees; including the Von Trapp Family Singers (you know, The Sound Of Music Family.)

Tragically, a fire destroyed the lobby (see above picture) in 2014. Of course in my book, my bad guys are responsible for that fire.

Word is now that the resort will be rebuilt. I see talk of demolition in my research. I do hope whatever form the new hotel takes, it will honor the beauty and the dignity of the location.

Again, Hawaii has been my muse. Her beauty, her history, driving my imagination. Oh, how I do love these islands. Even from afar, they touch my heart. They awe me with their beauty. Mahalo dear Hawaii. Mahalo.

Much Love,



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