Perspective in a story is the angle of the story telling. The writer can narrate the story, or have one of their characters narrate the story; telling it from that character’s perspective. It is a challenge that has stumped me, made me cry, driven me to drink. But, in the end I’m so happy I’ve chosen the perspective for my book that I have…that of having the perspective be of my main character Tom Carroll.

Then there is the perspective of life. That one has been the biggest challenge of my small world. Perhaps that is why I struggled with it in my story. Lately, I’ve had the perspective that things were not going well for me (stupid menopause, you are not without blame here). And all or nothing drive that was, honestly, not healthy. My dear husband has done everything he could to try to help me to consider things in life from a different perspective. To rise to the challenges, to rise above it. Well, I think I finally get it. I can see my challenges, my hurts, my issues in a new light. A painful word? What can I learn from it? A disappointing experience? How can use it to be a better person?

So, perspective. We can choose to tell our story, or, to have our story tell us. We can grow as human beings. We can blossom. We can shine. It just takes that one moment in our head. That pep talk. Anything, absolutely anything can teach us to be a better version of ourselves.

I wish for you growth, blossoming, and shining!

Much Love,




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