Wounds or Hope


hope pic

So I’ve been re-reading one of my favorite author’s books. Since Pat Conroy is now gone, I take much comfort in the masterful stories he left behind. In the book I am reading right now, one of the characters is talking about a trying time in his life, “But life wounds me in the places only hope can reach.” Wow! How profound that is. As I read the line for probably the tenth time, I thought about the questions this raised in my mind. Do we nourish hope? Or, do we nurse the wounds? Oh and just like tomorrow’s bills, those wounds will come! So what do we dwell on? Because just like that fireball of a sun that shines down on us, hope comes each day too. Hope can be wrapped in silvery paper with a big red bow. Will we dare to open the box? Will we allow it to wash over us, relieving us of our burdens? I say yes! Breath in the future. Exhale the past. Live a life brimming with hope.

Much Love,



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