The Things That Dreams Are Made Of

I read with a mixture of deep sadness and horror of the young woman’s death in Orlando, Florida USA. Christina Grimmie, a former contestant on the show The Voice was shot and killed while signing autographs after a concert. She was killed by a man she apparently did not know. This lovely, super talented young woman was one moment doing what she loved, the next minute…she was gone. Senselessly gone. But, it didn’t stop there. Hours later 50 others in the same city…gone. As Christina had her dreams, and was living out her dreams, I’m sure these others that were killed had their dreams too. Hopes for families, love, careers. Whatever fed their dreams, the killers stopped it all with their wrong-wired dreams of doom.

What do we do at this time when we feel so helpless? Anyone that has read my blog knows that I do not give, and never will give, political commentary here on my site.  So, I’m not talking gun control or mental health issues or whatever other issue may be debated at a terrible time like this. No, I gave this a lot of thought. I think all we can do is offer comfort and care to those that are suffering these losses. Then we can honor the loss of these dreamers by living our own dreams. By not giving into despair. By not losing hope in the things that we dream about and love so much. To breath in and out each day, and to be grateful for another day.

By doing these things, we don’t let the bad win.

Much Love,



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