A Word Of Advice



I appreciate feedback on my writing. Critiques, both good and bad, have helped me to become a better writer.  Advice has been golden and I am so very grateful. However,  I have had to learn balance. For instance, I was given advice to only use this blog to publish chapters of my book in hopes of attracting the attention of literary agents. Great advice, the best. But, now that I have done that…now what? My blog has been sitting here stagnant for almost a month. I want my blog to breath life and living. I want it to be so much more than me trying to get a book contract. I want to write about what I feel. I hope that I can encourage others by my words.

So, I have to learn to follow my heart with these things. To let my writing voice speak, and for me to listen. I have to be true to myself. Don’t we all? I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum. Should I put an end to my uniqueness? No! Never will it happen.  Sure, I want others to enjoy what I write; I hope that you all do enjoy what I write. So, I will soldier on. I will share what is in my head and my heart.  And I will take great joy in reading what others have to say.

Much Love,



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