Next Up

So I have this idea for livening up my blog. Here goes. I will do three posts a week:

  1. Maybe On A Monday  – Let’s face it, Monday’s stink. Could they be better with a little help? Maybe we travel together on my blog to a nice beach, or other beautiful place. Maybe we just chat about the possibilities of the week. Maybe we just get lost for a moment in a beautiful picture.
  2. Wishing On A Wednesday – We are half way through …what could a wish be? That we all get along better as a human family. That we see our loved ones more. Or simply we wish for a nice dinner to break up the week. Perhaps we wish for a new recipe to try. Or, we wish for motivation to better ourselves.
  3. Fabulous On A Friday – So the week is done. I don’t know about you, but my brain is usually fried by this point. Time to simply have some fun!

There you have it. This is the plan. I’m exited! Let’s see where this leads…

Much Love,



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