Wishing On A Wednesday …


I was raised by a father from the “old south”. A man who should have had a list as deep as the Grand Canyon of prejudices and biases. But, he couldn’t bring himself to think that way. He was a man who saw people, not color. He saw human beings and did his best to respect them all. My prim and proper Bostonian of a mother felt the same way. So, coupled with their personal feelings, and  a believe system that taught that the creator is a God who created all and loves all, I grew up with a rich and beautiful cornucopia of friends of all kinds that have stuck to me like family.

So, my wish on this Wednesday is that you all know how beautiful you are. That you take life by the proverbial horns and have peace in yourselves and in others. Reach out to someone who may be a bit different in some way. Enjoy diversity. Enjoy each other.

Much Love,



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