Fabulous On A Friday…Don’t Give Up!


I try to see this picture in my mind when I get discouraged about my writing pursuits. On the days when I think that I totally stink as a writer and who am I kidding, I am not a novelist, I pick up my pick ax and start chipping away again. Sure, I may need to change to a different tool. It may be that I will need a jack hammer. Perhaps a few sticks of dynamite. No I will not give up.

Don’t you give up either:

On hope.

On love.

On the Ones you love.

On the Ones you don’t love so much.

On dreams.

On you.

So, have a fabulous Friday that turns into a sensational Saturday to a satisfying Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

Much Love,



2 thoughts on “Fabulous On A Friday…Don’t Give Up!

  1. Hi Eileen. Thanks for connecting. Great words of encouragement. I’ll now also be thinking of this picture when I am slogging away. Great share. Look forward to more great pictures and writing. Have a great weekend 😃


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