Maybe On A Monday – Examining The Things I Don’t Understand.




This past Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a panel disscusion by Pat Conroy’s dearest friends. Bernie Schien, Terry Kay, Cliff Graubart, and Dan Skylar, all writers themselves, spoke of their memories of Mr. Conroy. I learned more of the larger-than-life character that was Pat Conroy. I heard of his generosity in helping his fellow writers get their work published.  And yes, of course, he had his flaws as we all scarred humans do; as famous a writer as he was, he had his insecurities about his writing, that encourages me and helps me to realize the way I am feeling about my writing is perfectly normal, so I will keep at it with my writing.  But, at the end they concluded with advice for aspiring writers. Dan Skylar’s advice stood out for me. He said to write about what you don’t understand. This to me was different from the usual, “write what you know”.  It really made me think and want to examimine what I don’t understand.

On the way home from the event, I watched two young boys (probably around nine). They were Jewish. Dressed in the traditional black and white and wearing yamakas, they were headed in the direction of the nearby synagogue. They were absolutely adorable. And it hit me; there are some people in this world (who’s children are as equally adorable) who would want to hurt or kill them simply for being Jewish. As long as I live, I will never understand this mindset of hate that leads to violence. Maybe on this Monday, we can forget about the frosted glass of hate. We can see others through the clear lens of love. That is my determination on this beginning of my week…to truly see others and be moved by my love of my fellow humans. Now, there is something I can understand, to love and be loved.

And, much love to you all…



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