Wishing On A Wednesday…That it was time to go to NY.

I am beyond excited! My husband and I will be taking our first trip to New York in just a few weeks. It is a dream trip for me. I have always wanted to go to The Big Apple. I mean come on! New York City. A place that is full to the brim with excitement. It’s Superman’s Gotham. New York is light but it is darkness too. I feel a bit intimated by the city. But, that just makes me want to experience it that much more. To dip my toe in all that is New York. To drink in it’s teaming life.

My book Hawaii On Fire actually has a prominent scene set in New York. I’ve had to rely on the internet to get a feel for the place. Now, I get to experience it for myself. Can’t wait! I know the experience will help me add depth to the story. I am also thinking there will be a short story soon. Tom’s story before he took a trip to Hawaii (set in New York).

So, I am like a kid getting to go to Disneyland for the first time. Is it time to go to New York yet? Is it? Is it huh!?

Much Love,



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