Fabulous On A Friday…I Love My City!

The second book in my Tom Carroll series will be set in my hometown (which will be fictional Tom’s hometown too) of Atlanta, Georgia USA. In researching settings for my story, I was helped to remember just what a great place Atlanta is!

Just a few examples:

The Varsity 



Since 1928, The Varsity has been serving up legendary food and atmosphere in our city. Walk up to this counter and you will be greeted with a, “What’ll ya have!” Simply the best.

Ponce City Market

The new kid on the block (although located in the very old Sears and Roebuck building). Ponce City began opening its eclectic group of stores and restaurants in 2014. I had the pleasure of taking a blogging class from Hollis Gillespie at her office located above the retail businesses. They offer valet parking to the bicyclists that come via the Atlanta Beltline (I think that is way cool!)


Peachtree Plaza 

The second tallest all hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, it stands over Atlanta like a crystal giant. Taking a ride to the top of the building in one of the glass elevators, is a heart pounding experience (at least for me).


In 2008, it was damaged by a tornado.

Of course it has since been repaired.

So, I love my city! Atlanta is my home and has my heart. Why not google your own city…You might find some surprising and fun things to explore this weekend.

Happy Friday!!

Much Love,



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