Fabulous On A Friday…No Lists Please.


It seems the internet is crazy for lists. The top 50 restaurants in America. The 10 all time worst television shows. The top 20 best travel destinations. The 1 billion foods you should never ever eat again! And on, and on, etc, etc…I’ll admit, I am as guilty as anyone, I get so wrapped up in reading this stuff. I cringe when I think how much time I’ve wasted reading these endless lists. So, I’m taking a stand, “Not today!” Not on this fabulous Friday. I will go outside for a walk. I will read a book. I will have a nice dinner with my husband. I say today is the day to enjoy life. I will not worry about lists and what other people say I should do. Honestly, deep down, don’t we already know what is best for ourselves anyway? So, today I vow not to stress over what I eat (everything in moderation). I will not fret that I am not wearing the latest fashions (as long as I am presentable). Or, I will not worry about the 500 million keys to a happy marriage (been married 19 years, I think we’ve got that one). So, I say back to the basics ya’ll. No lists, no fuss, no frills. Good, clean, happy living, pure and simple.

Much Love,



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