Fabulous On A Friday…I’m still here.

hope pic



Maybe on a Monday…silence.

Wishing on a Wednesday…crickets.

All of a sudden, Friday is upon us. Pretty much forgot about my blog (sigh). But, Friday it is, and it is FABULOUS! Who’s with me on that? Everyone right?

I’ve been thinking about disagreements for the past few days. I overheard a conversation on a controversial topic earlier this week. Those involved had opposing views and things got a bit heated. I was uncomfortable listening to it because I’m very fond of all the people who were involved. I was just wondering, can’t we agree to disagree at times? Can’t we hear the other person out? There is nothing wrong with doing so with respect. Affording the other person the dignity they deserve in having their own viewpoint. I think we actually add richness and depth to our lives by hearing what our fellow humans have to say. I know it is something I need to work on; I need to really stop and listen to what others share with me. I consider it a privilege to share ideas with others. Anyway, that is what is on my mind on this fabulous of Fridays.

Much Love,



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