Wishing On A Wednesday…That everyone could visit The World Trade Center Memorial.


The World Trade Center Memorial



The New One World Trade Center


The recently reopened Westfield Mall (foreground)


My husband and I visited the Memorial this past Saturday. I have to admit, I felt nervous. Given the enormity of what happened there fifteen years ago, I didn’t know how I would feel actually seeing the sight in person. I was soon able to breathe easy. The Memorial is both dignified and respectful of the one’s lost that day. I was moved to be there, to read the names on the pools (the footprints of the original twin towers), to meditate on the terrible loss. Then, as I stared up at the new tower tucked neatly to the side of the memorial, it hit me; this site is a testament to the human spirit. Not the political or patriotic spirit. The human spirit. You see, we were all affected on that day, like it or not. We changed. We saw the evil. As a world, we took a step back, shook our heads and asked, “How could this evil happen?” Well, they took down the towers, they killed many of us, they hurt our spirit. But, this site, it’s coming back to life! New buildings, a beautiful new mall, a memorial that lovingly remembers the ones we lost. Life and living beings are there now, a heart beating brightly at the tip of Manhattan. You know why? Because evil never wins. Humans, we are not hard wired to let evil win. Some may get the idea that violence will solve things. It won’t. But, we humans, you can’t keep us down! So visiting the site gave me hope.  It helped me to see that the darkest days in my own personal world can be followed by beauty and a spirit breathing life. I consider it a privilege to have visited the site. Please go see it if you all have the opportunity.

Much Love,



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