I’ve Been Speechless…


Anyone that reads my blog knows that I don’t use this blog to get involved in political issues. With that said, I’ve had the hardest time knowing what to post. My writing voice went silent. I didn’t want to offend anyone in anyway. So, I guess my answer was to just say nothing. But, I’m still here. The quiet one listening and observing it all…even from a distance. And observing my heart breaking as I see people tear each other apart.  So, what is in my heart is that I hope others will agree to disagree. Don’t destroy anything or anyone, please. None of this is worth it. The sun has risen on us each day …still. Take a moment and breath ya’ll. Allow me this moment to take you all away.

The sun is rising over a wave kissed beach. Salt air tingles your nose as warm water washes over your bare feet. You smile as the pelicans fly by, skimming the top of the ocean. The one you love reaches out and takes your hand as you enjoy this moment together.

So, enjoy those precious moments with the one’s you love. Love each other. Yes we are different. But again we are all the same. Living, breathing humans. Drink life in. Gulp it down. And, as my momma always told me, don’t sweat it! Let’s be positive ya’ll. Come on! I know all you beautiful people can do it.

Much Love,



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