I’ve Changed The “P” Word In My Life


That dreaded question at a job interview. “What is your biggest flaw?” Well, that one has been easy for me. I’m a perfectionist. I’m way too hard on myself, my worst critic. It is something that at times has stopped me in my tracks. I’ve reasoned if I can’t do things perfectly from the very beginning, that means I just need to give up on the pursuit as hopeless. Not good. It has taken me a really long time to understand and realize that I must change this part of me. So, with this blog, I have determined to accentuate the positive! It has been the best therapy for me. It works. I’m a work in progress. I still have to fight my perfectionist tendencies. Yet, looking at the positive, forcing myself at times to do it, has washed over me and lifted some of the burden that I have put on my own life. So, my hope is that those that are younger perfectionist might see my example and learn from it. Lighten up. Work hard, try hard. But, learn to cut yourselves some slack.

So, the “P” word is changing for me. The positive. I highly recommend it.

Much Love,



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