The Path


Appalachian Trail at the North Carolina/Tennessee Border


Robert Frost once wrote about the road less traveled and how it made all the difference. Like it or not, we all have followed our paths in life. They’ve defined us. Our journey has made us who we are. For me, I feel that I have definitely followed the road less traveled. I’ve had what could probably be called an unconventional life; I wouldn’t have it any other way. I didn’t have children (a personal choice I don’t discuss). I don’t do holidays or birthdays (I’ll discuss that one but face-to-face,not on social media). This has been my personal journey. And, you know what, I’m good with it all! I’ve lived a life of loving and being loved. I’ve met some of the most diverse and interesting people as I’ve taken my road. I’ve been awed by the places on this amazing planet we call home that I have had the privilege to visit. And, of course, I’m not done yet. I can’t wait to see around that bend in the road. It may have potholes and bumps; these too mold and shape us.

So, I say to all…ENJOY the journey. Appreciate your path and don’t let anyone discourage you from living the best life you can. As Mr. Frost wrote, and I can attest to, it certainly makes all the difference.

Much Love,



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