Words can hurt, plain and simple. Ask the family who recently lost their beautiful daughter to suicide because she was so badly bullied. When I read about this, it brought tears to my eyes.  I was a shy kid in school, some thought it was a blast to torture me (this was pre-social media, so bearable). I felt her pain to my core. I hurt so much for this young woman’s family.  So, each and every one of us (young and old) needs to stop and ask themselves, “Should I say this about this person? Do they deserve this simply because of the way they look? Am I perfect in every way?” The answer to each of these questions? NO! Here it is then…If it’s mean spirited, don’t say it (or publish it on social media). If you wouldn’t want it said to you, don’t say it to someone else. Time spent in evil schemes to hurt someone else can better be spent elsewhere. Help others. Volunteer. Learn. Grow into a better person. The bullying…It simply has to stop.


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