Miami Beach

It never ceases to amaze me how travel stirs my imagination. Our recent trip to Miami Beach stirred up all kinds of ideas in my head for the second book in my Tom Carroll Mystery series. So, stay tuned, Tom will certainly have his adventure at Miami Beach.


Sunrise Miami Beach Fl, Usa 


Me having a Mojito with the famous Fontainebleau Hotel in the background. Frank Sinatra stayed here. Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner shot part of The Bodyguard here. 


Pretty flowers. 


My husband Robert gets credit here. Good pic honey. 


Photobombed by Chance the hotel’s resident parrot. Just kidding, we planned this picture. 


Some of the really cool art deco buildings Miami Beach is famous for. These buildings really got my imagination going…


Another angle of some of the art deco buildings. 

So, going near and far, our world should inspire the best in us.  Have fun ya’ll.

Much Love,



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