Wishing On A Wednesday…Calm


I’m bringing Wishing On A Wednesday back for a reason. I’m an observer; of humans, of nature, of the world around me in general. I believe that is the writer in me. Anyway, I’m observing, and I don’t like what I’m seeing or experiencing. You see, this past weekend, I was on the receiving end of a nasty racial slur (being a southern, white woman…I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what it was.) Anyway, my husband and I were on public transportation, coming home from the airport. Minding our own business, not speaking or looking at anyone (both of us with our noses in our smartphones of course). And as this person exits the train, BAM, the slur hurled our way. What? Why?

So, apart from it hurting my feelings, it made me sad. You see, I don’t think that way. I love people.  I want to hug, not fight. I don’t see or fear color. I embrace diversity in all beautiful humans. Different cultures, different people, that is what makes us special as the human race. And it makes me sad for the person that said it. Hate is no way to live. When we live a life of resentment, we only damage ourselves. Me, I’ll get past my hurt at this brief encounter. I’ll continue to love everyone that will allow me to love them.  Even though I’ll fail at times, I will pursue goodness and peace…no matter what. So on this Wednesday, I wish for everyone love and calm. Please join me won’t you?

Very Much Love,



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