Maybe On A Monday…We Cut Each Other Some Slack.


I don’t think political correctness is doing us any favors. Honestly, good, clean, pure kindness and respect would take care of most things…without the hard feelings. To me political correctness is beating people over the head with doing the right (or what we think to be) thing. It only causes resentment. I noticed some P.C. when Carrie Fisher died. Steve Martin had to take down his Twitter response because some took issue with his saying that she was beautiful and smart. Cinnabon got in to hot water over paying tribute to her famous hairstyle from Star Wars with cinnamon buns (granted, that one was a bit self serving.) I feel that both Mr. Martin and Cinnabon meant well, that they wanted to honor Ms. Fisher. Take it from someone who has had their pure motives questioned on more than one occasion; it hurts. So, could we just overlook some things?

I’ve included in this post  a quote from one of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou (if you are religious, you’ll recognize that our Creator gave this advice first). Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. And forgiving an offense and moving on is healthy for us.  I know I am going to work harder to apply this beautiful thought of forgiving in my own life.

So, practice love, respect for other’s opinions, and forgiveness when offended. It’s a lovely way to live!

Much Love,



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