Friday…Fabulous Is A Challenge Today



So my challenge right now is how to stay positive. Stress is a known creativity squasher. As I sit here and stare at this empty screen, wondering how to express myself, I know this about stress is true. But soldier on I will! I must be determined to see past the fog of my current situation and continue to do what I love, which is to write and create stories. Honestly, I’ve had moments this week when I’ve just wanted to give up on it all, this writing pursuit of mine. However, I know that is not the answer to all of this madness. I simply have to keep trying to get published and be a working writer. So, on this fabulous Friday (it’s still fab, I’m alive), I plan to put a smile on my face, a warm thought in my heart, and just keep going. Happy Friday ya’ll.

Much Love,



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