Simple Saturday…Sometimes Life Does Hand You Lemons.

So, three weeks ago today, this happened:


Yes, that is our home. Attacked by a giant pine tree. A real lemon of a day. But, we weren’t home, no one was hurt. Our poor cats were home, but we found them hiding in the garage. It crashed into my husband’s office…things could have turned out so much worse.  So what do we do with stinky, lemon days like this? Simply deal with it. Obviously, we had no choice but to deal with it. So, the tree guys came and got the tree. The insurance company sent out the adjuster. The contractor has made quick work of the repair (we have our room back, we are now down to mostly the cosmetics of it all.) Take that you lemon! Be gone.

So as not to go nuts, you have to try to find the humor in it all. Our amusement was provided by our cat Sadie Mae. Once the debris was cleaned out of the room, and we knew it was safe to go in there, we took the cats in to inspect. At this point, the room had no ceiling so the attic was visible. Well, Sadie Mae wanted up there in the worst way. She paced the room, meowing and looking up. We told her no and took her out of the room. Well, this week I came home to the workers putting the ceiling in. To my panic, I couldn’t find Sadie Mae anywhere. Yep, you guessed it.  As I was talking to the guys, I hear a faint meow. “I think my cat is in the attic,” I tell the workers. At first, they don’t believe me, but then they hear the meowing. One of them quickly goes up the ladder (the one Sadie Mae probably used to get up  into the attic) and takes apart the ceiling that they just put up. I climb the ladder and am greeted by a very desperate and panicked cat. I got her down and examined her. She’s just fine after her adventure. But, her momma shamed her on Facebook:


My Facebook friends got a laugh out of it. I hope you all do to.

So, another life lesson learned. It’s pure and simple. Life is not always sunshine and lollipops. It’s raw. It’s unnerving. It’s down right painful at times. Yet, what are we when we come out of the other side of our ordeals? Hopefully stronger, a better version of ourselves. Keep living ya’ll and squash those lemons that you are handed!

Much Love,



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