What Is Truth?


We are hearing a lot about truth these days. Fake news has become a new phrase in our day-to-day lives. So, what is truth? Truth is us, each one of us. It’s the mom that stays up all night with her sick child, and then goes into work the next day, never skipping a beat. It’s the dad climbing under his child’s bed at 3:00am to chase away the army of invading monsters that have disturbed his baby’s dream. It’s the teenager who goes to school anyway, despite being bullied, because she knows how important it is to get her education. Truth is our hopes, our dreams, our loves. All this other stuff? It will always spin up and swirl around us like the most vicious twister. But us humans? We’re resilient, we are wonderfully made to hang in there and make it happen come what may. So, don’t sweat it all too much. We’ll figure all this out. Just live your truth, the rest will fall into place.

Much Love,



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