Maybe on a Monday…What is light?


Just as the sun rises gently and gives off it’s warmth, our brightness rises from within us. I don’t know about you, but my brightness as a person is hard to find at times. It is like someone hits the dimmer switch on my heart from time-to-time. But, just as the waves hit the beach, I always make my way back to positivity, I’m sure you dear reader do the same. So, just as we are truth, we are light. We are the brightness of being. We are the sunrise in the life of someone we love. And, we have a choice in the matter. We can choose the light. Or, we can choose to leave the dimmer switch on. So, on this Monday, this day that gets such a bad rap in each week of our days, we can choose light. Enjoy your day and be that brightness!

Much Love,



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