Oh No! My City is Broken.


This was the scene yesterday on one of the major interstates in my beloved home, Atlanta Georgia, USA. Officials are still not sure what started the blaze. They think some items that were being stored underneath this overpass caught fire. You can tell the intensity of the flames (thankfully not one person was injured in this). So, the bridge couldn’t withstand the flames, this is what happened:


This whole section of interstate, the one that on average, 250,000 cars go over every day, is now just a pile of rubble. We learned today that both sides of the interstate, north and south, will be closed for the indefinite future as this is repaired. This is a traffic  nightmare of monumental proportions. As anyone that has ever been through Atlanta knows, we have us some traffic here! This is on a good day:


Yes, not being able to use one of our interstates…very bad! But, we Atlantan’s, we’ll get through this. We’ll take public transportation more. We’ll carpool. We’ll telecommute. Atlanta has risen out of the ashes before. My city, it’s strong. We are made of hearty stock!

Chin up Atlanta! We can do this.

Much Love,



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