Broken City…Update


It’s with a heavy heart, that I report that arrests were made in the fire that took out part of  one of the interstates here in Atlanta. It appears that it was a case of arson. I found out about the arrests this morning, but, it has taken me all day to be able to write about it. My anger, fury actually, has subsided and I can think a bit more objectively now.  I can’t imagine the mindset it takes to deliberately do something like this. Is it revenge for how the person thinks they’ve been treated by the world? Was it boredom? Was it for the thrill of it? I’m sure the person probably didn’t realize what would happen. But, happen it did. It’s a good lesson for everyone. We can’t get away from the fact that the decisions we make affect others. So, it’s vital to stop and think about just how what we do will impact the lives of others. And, how important, for our own good, that we don’t become bitter about our life experiences. That is one lesson I’ve had to learn. I’ve been hurt and bitter later about some things that have happened lately. But, I am learning that it is for my own good to simply let it go. I don’t think the people involved meant to hurt me, I really don’t. So, I’m choosing to move on. To live. To love. So, anyway, these are my thoughts on this Saturday evening.

Much Love,



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