New Desk, New Attitude (Kind of)

Well, y’all probably remember about the pine tree attacking our house back in January. So, the pine tree started the remodel, we finished it, and on our own terms. Look e loo! I have a brand new place to write (topped off with a Luci Loo):


As Luci is wondering around on my desk, and marking it with her scent, I couldn’t help but think about Ernest Hemingway. He was given a white six-toed cat that he named Snow White, and the rest is kitty history. The descendants of that original cat still live at his home in Key West, FL USA.

I love this picture of him. He’s holding his kitty with such tenderness. You can tell he loves it:


So, it’s not that I think I am a writer on the same level as Mr. Hemingway. Far from it. I am simply not worthy to be compared in any way with this brilliant scribe. But, as I sit at my new desk, I think about and admire the man. I keep writing, imagining that would be the advice he would have given me, had we known each other. And, I stop and I hug my Luci Loo for I know he would tell me I need to show my kitty some love.

And much love to you all.




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