It’s Never Too Late

You know how sometimes in life you need a pick-me-up? At times I get these feelings that I am too old to start a writing career. I think, “Who am I kidding, I’m not a writer, and never will be.” So, I looked into people who made career changes later in life. What I found gave me the boost to go on pursuing this writing thing.  These are some noteworthy folks:

Laura Ingals Wilder


My favorite of these examples. She was 65 when the first of the Little House books was published. So, I don’t feel bad, I have a little ways to go before I reach that age.

Andrea Bocelli


Granted, he was a bit younger when he made his career change. But, at the age of 34, he left his career as a lawyer and started his full time career as a singer. A courageous and amazing leap to make! And that voice, beautiful.

Julia Child


At the age of 49, Julia Child’s famous Mastering The Art of French Cooking was published. She also had her awesome cooking show. It was rumored that she had been a spy. I want to believe that because it just makes her so very amazing!

So, these examples help me to see that dreams don’t have expiration dates. We simply can’t and don’t have to give up on pursuing our passions. Somehow, someway, I will be a writer. I will follow in the footsteps of those that came before me. No, we don’t have to let go. No, we don’t have to give into despair over dreams not realized yet. Press on y’all. We can do this thing!

Much Love,



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