Writing Has Just Not Been Fun This Week


So, the above picture has pretty much been me this week. Maybe not out loud, but in my head (okay, so a little out loud, but I tried to contain it) I’ve felt angry and frustrated without really knowing the reason for my emotions. But, I finally figured it out, writing has suddenly turned into a chore. The process of trying to get my book published has worn me down a bit. The latest rejection by a publisher has left me mentally exhausted. What to do? I know exactly what to do…Take a deep breath and get back to what I love, storytelling. I absolutely love telling a story. Whether it is a work of fiction, or something that really happened to me, I enjoy entertaining folks with my tall tales.

Patience, I have to keep reminding myself, is a virtue in this writing world. Therefore, I will soldier on. The Tom Carroll Mystery series will find it’s home in the publishing world, somehow, somewhere.

hope pic

Yes! I will put that lasso around hope, and move forward with my dreams. My further hope is that you all do the same.

Much Love,



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