Another Day With My Unpublished Manuscript.


Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA USA 


Here I sit. Staring at this computer screen. What lies behind this? A folder containing my book, my baby, Hawaii On Fire. So, how do I make it from point A to point B? How do I reach publishing nirvana? The options are endless. I can continue to reach out to Literary Agents and Publishers. I can self publish. I can wait and wait and wait…Somedays, my heart says to me, “you don’t have to do this.” It prods me with thoughts of the latest episode of my favorite television show. Or, it causes me to notice the beautiful day outside my window that moves me to walk to the park. Life! It draws me inward, it pushes me forward. The challenge each and every day? Finding the time for everything I want to do, balanced with everything I must do.  Writing must be a part of it all! Without writing, without being creative, I think something within me would hurt with the deepest pain. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Today, everyday, I will push through. I will find a way to make my voice heard. The wild woman in this picture? She’s working hard on her dreams with her head held high.  Speak life loudly y’all!

Much Love,



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