Hawaii My Muse – What! No Waimea Canyon!!



Waimea Canyon sits majestically on the southwest side of the  Hawaiian island of Kauai.  Mark Twain named it the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. This canyon, this magical place that was formed, in part, by the island’s very plentiful rainfall.  And while it is smaller than it’s counterpart in Arizona, its no less awe inspiring. Stand at a lookout and observe for any period of time, and you will notice the sun acts as the most delicate paint brush, changing the look of the canyon, highlighting the reds, greens, and browns, as it makes its journey above. Watch with a touch of envy as the birds dip and rise through the canyon, getting the best view of anyone. Is that a waterfall spilling down onto the canyon floor? Yes, indeed!

Kalaulau Lookout, Waimea Canyon …Kauai, HI USA











So imagine my dismay when I realized I did not include this wonder in my book Hawaii On Fire! What is wrong with me? If this place didn’t inspire me to write, what would? But, I won’t beat myself up too bad. Why? Well, you all will just have to wait and see. Perhaps Tom Carroll will end up in Hawaii once again. Hawaii might not be on fire this time…but a spark might ignite. Oh my! I have got to figure out how to get this book published. So want to share it with you all. Hang in there with me, I’m really trying to make it happen!

Much Love,



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