Live And Let Live


What is it that we do to ourselves when we don’t live and let live? We rob ourselves of friendships and family relationships that could have flourished in the bright light of love. We deprive ourselves of those others who could touch our lives down to the bone and marrow. The ones that could make us the best version of ourselves. So, what is a difference in politics? Or, how about a difference in religion? I know, taboo topics these. Yet, they are the very things that can divide us, separating us from each other. But, what about the smaller things, the nuances of these taboo subjects? What if someone celebrates a different holiday than you? Or, maybe doesn’t celebrate at all. Does it make that one less worthy of our time? Simply because they think and act a bit different than we do? It shouldn’t be so. But, it is. Can we see past our differences, and look for what we share in common?

As always, sending you much love.



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