The Joy In The Unexpected

The joy in the unexpected. Inch upon inch of snow in Atlanta, GA USA is not the usual! But Friday into Saturday morning, that is exactly what we received. While it brought many headaches, such as travel troubles and power outages, it was indeed joyously beautiful.


Squirrel eating birdseed on our deck. This was when the snow was just getting started.


This is our front yard. In the southern US. In Atlanta! What???!!! Still can’t get over it. 


The street in front of our house.


This is at the park at the end of our street. I found a friend 🙂


Another picture at the park. 

So I hope you all found joy in your unexpected moments this weekend. And make it a great week.

Much Love,



Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Death Valley

Our trip a few weeks ago to the US West was a lot of fun! We flew into Phoenix,AZ (from Atlanta), and rented a car and drove about 2 hours to Flagstaff, AZ. Atlanta is a very green, tree lined place. So, going through arid Phoenix with it’s open spaces and many cactus was such a change of scenery for us.

From Flagstaff, we took a drive out to the Grand Canyon (about another 2 hours). So very amazing! This lovely gorge that stretches on for miles and miles must be seen to appreciated. Here are some of our pictures:


Part of the drive to the Grand Canyon, look at that beautiful blue sky! 


Me at the Canyon. The different colors of the gorge are incredible.


This squirrel posed for my husband. Lucky squirrel, he lives at The Grand Canyon

On our way to the Hoover Dam, we took the Historic Route 66. I thought it was a continuous road. However, it stops and starts, you just have to follow the signs for it. Our first stop on the Route was Williams, AZ:



This was part of the Interstate. We liked these long stretches of road, where you could see for miles. 


We stayed the night in cute little Seligman,AZ. My husband is standing in front of the Snow Cap Drive In. Unfortunately, they had just closed for the season a few days before we arrived in town. But, we enjoyed getting to see it. 


We had the privilege of meeting Angel Delgadillo. See below for a link to the article I wrote about him on LinkedIn. Such an inspiring person to talk to! 

Here is the link to what I wrote about meeting Mr. Delgadillo:  Angel Delgadillo


We ate at the Roadkill Cafe that night. I was a little nervous about what we were going to get. However, they don’t really serve roadkill…whew! 

Next up was Hoover Dam. A true marvel of workmanship. Folks made this thing! Wow!!


Then we made our way to Death Valley National Park in California. Temperatures here can reach 129 degrees Fahrenheit (about 54 Celsius). Really hot.  Good for us, we went in November and the highs were comfortable in the 80s (a dry heat that was almost cool to us as we are used to the high humidity of Atlanta).


Another long stretch of road going into Death Valley Park


Badwater Basin. Those are salt flats behind us. It rarely rains here, a true desert experience. 


More desert. I was surprised at how beautiful it was. 

So, we had a great trip. Travel always inspires me to keep writing. I hope your travels near and far inspire you to keep going after your goals and dreams.

Much Love,


To Forgive


To Forgive is like

The cool breeze that soothes you.

The good friend that comforts you.

To Let go is like

A place deep within you where you find peace.

A sweet gift you give yourself.

A pleasing purpose.

To release your grip on hurt will

Help you to soar.

Letting loose of the burden of pain.

Yes forgive!

Yes let it go!

Yes release the hurt!


The Relief In My Universe…Don’t Give Up!


I joined a local writers club. I went to my first meeting today. So great! I learned that ALL successful authors go through the rejection phase of the getting published process. One author held up a large chart. “See these red marks? Those are all the rejections before I got a yes.” There were a lot of red marks. And it was the same for the other authors that spoke today. So, it helps me see that my experience is perfectly normal. I just haven’t found my yes yet for my book. But, I will, and you writers out there, you will too!

DON’T Give up!!

Much Love,


The Joy In My Universe…Simple Things


We live in a heavily populated area of Atlanta. So, when beautiful creatures like the one pictured above show up in our yard, it is a pleasant surprise (although we do live very close to some woods and the river, so it is a pretty safe area for him) . When things are at their worst, when  life throws you some curve balls, sometimes it helps to look for the simple joys in life. The things that make you stop for a moment and just breathe. The little laughs that can come along. This deer and my two cats were having a stare off. My cats started pacing back and forth in our sunroom, and the deer was fascinated, it was really sweet, and made me laugh. He stood there and watched them for a long time.

I hope you had joy in your universe today. And, it’s almost the weekend! Happy, joyous universe.

Much Love,


A Pain In My Universe


As is often the case, I was daydreaming. Unfortunately, I was thinking about something that was annoying me. And this thought came to me, “That’s just a pain in my universe.” What! Where did that come from? Then the silliness of it made me laugh. It snapped me out of my bad mood, and I was able to go on with my day.

So, I thought, could this be a theme to my blog for a bit of time? I do believe so. Not always a pain in that universe, but sometimes a joy, or a smile in same said universe.  I’m sure my book project will come up often on both the pain and the joy side of this thing.

I hope y’all will join me in my little part of this universe of ours. And, I hope your universe pains are not too great today!

Much Love,