Live And Let Live


What is it that we do to ourselves when we don’t live and let live? We rob ourselves of friendships and family relationships that could have flourished in the bright light of love. We deprive ourselves of those others who could touch our lives down to the bone and marrow. The ones that could make us the best version of ourselves. So, what is a difference in politics? Or, how about a difference in religion? I know, taboo topics these. Yet, they are the very things that can divide us, separating us from each other. But, what about the smaller things, the nuances of these taboo subjects? What if someone celebrates a different holiday than you? Or, maybe doesn’t celebrate at all. Does it make that one less worthy of our time? Simply because they think and act a bit different than we do? It shouldn’t be so. But, it is. Can we see past our differences, and look for what we share in common?

As always, sending you much love.


Few Things In Life Are Free


Yes, few things in life are free. But, there is one gift you can give to yourself. It’s the gift of forgiving another. Granted, there are some things that are unforgivable, yet, more often than not, forgiveness is possible. Like the lightest of feathers, forgiveness will lightens our  load and frees up our heart for better pursuits. Forgiveness is a cold rush of water splashed over us on a hot summer day. It is beauty, it is right to forgive when we can. Like all good things, it can take time, so be patient with yourself if there is someone you can’t forgive right here, right now. Let the feeling come organically, and it will at the right time for it. But, do try to forgive, and give yourself the chance to feel the lightness. Give that gift to yourself!

Much Love,


Why Do We Come Together?


As I enjoy a day at the beach with my dear husband, and observe the ones around us, I wonder, what is it that makes us come together? Why do we search high and low for that special someone? My thoughts are interrupted by the pelicans flying above us in their group foundation, even they want to belong, to come together. It’s in us, animals to humans, we need each other.

So why is it hard to admit at times? We may have been hurt in the past. So, we lock our heart down like an underground bunker and guard it with our very existence. But that is no way to live! Forgiveness and forgetfulness of the past is a must. So, love and love deeply. Open the gates and give yourself to others. It’s the way of us as we come together.

Much Love







Sunrise, Miami Beach Fl USA 

Plain and simple, words, I love them! The power of even one word is astounding. Take for example the word beach. Breath that word in for a moment, and there you stand with your toes in the sand, and hearing the waves crash on the shore. Am I right? Yes indeed. Just the one word and we are transported to a different place.

Yet, there is caution in words. The wrong ones, and we can crush a spirit to a point worse than crushing a bone. Where a bone can heal, the pain of painful words can stick with us for a lifetime. So, great care needs to be taken to choose which words to say or write.

However, there are the words we can give to encourage someone. There is a Bible proverb that states, “As apples of gold in silver carvings, so is a word at the right time.” Even if you are not a Bible reader, can’t you see the truth in those words? Just by a few brief, well chosen words, we can make someone’s day better. We can boost another’s confidence. We can offer words of condolence to another in times of need. So, with this one, there is a key, we have to open our mouths and say the words. No, we may not get it perfect. But, with the best of intentions, we’ll probably help give someone the words they need to hear at that time in their life.

So, enjoy those words y’all. Read, read, read. Drink them in like the fine wine that they are. Bask in the knowledge that a new word can bring. Then use them each day to make the world a bit brighter.

Much Love,


Another Day With My Unpublished Manuscript.


Centennial Olympic Park, Atlanta, GA USA 


Here I sit. Staring at this computer screen. What lies behind this? A folder containing my book, my baby, Hawaii On Fire. So, how do I make it from point A to point B? How do I reach publishing nirvana? The options are endless. I can continue to reach out to Literary Agents and Publishers. I can self publish. I can wait and wait and wait…Somedays, my heart says to me, “you don’t have to do this.” It prods me with thoughts of the latest episode of my favorite television show. Or, it causes me to notice the beautiful day outside my window that moves me to walk to the park. Life! It draws me inward, it pushes me forward. The challenge each and every day? Finding the time for everything I want to do, balanced with everything I must do.  Writing must be a part of it all! Without writing, without being creative, I think something within me would hurt with the deepest pain. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Today, everyday, I will push through. I will find a way to make my voice heard. The wild woman in this picture? She’s working hard on her dreams with her head held high.  Speak life loudly y’all!

Much Love,


Writing Has Just Not Been Fun This Week


So, the above picture has pretty much been me this week. Maybe not out loud, but in my head (okay, so a little out loud, but I tried to contain it) I’ve felt angry and frustrated without really knowing the reason for my emotions. But, I finally figured it out, writing has suddenly turned into a chore. The process of trying to get my book published has worn me down a bit. The latest rejection by a publisher has left me mentally exhausted. What to do? I know exactly what to do…Take a deep breath and get back to what I love, storytelling. I absolutely love telling a story. Whether it is a work of fiction, or something that really happened to me, I enjoy entertaining folks with my tall tales.

Patience, I have to keep reminding myself, is a virtue in this writing world. Therefore, I will soldier on. The Tom Carroll Mystery series will find it’s home in the publishing world, somehow, somewhere.

hope pic

Yes! I will put that lasso around hope, and move forward with my dreams. My further hope is that you all do the same.

Much Love,


It’s Never Too Late

You know how sometimes in life you need a pick-me-up? At times I get these feelings that I am too old to start a writing career. I think, “Who am I kidding, I’m not a writer, and never will be.” So, I looked into people who made career changes later in life. What I found gave me the boost to go on pursuing this writing thing.  These are some noteworthy folks:

Laura Ingals Wilder


My favorite of these examples. She was 65 when the first of the Little House books was published. So, I don’t feel bad, I have a little ways to go before I reach that age.

Andrea Bocelli


Granted, he was a bit younger when he made his career change. But, at the age of 34, he left his career as a lawyer and started his full time career as a singer. A courageous and amazing leap to make! And that voice, beautiful.

Julia Child


At the age of 49, Julia Child’s famous Mastering The Art of French Cooking was published. She also had her awesome cooking show. It was rumored that she had been a spy. I want to believe that because it just makes her so very amazing!

So, these examples help me to see that dreams don’t have expiration dates. We simply can’t and don’t have to give up on pursuing our passions. Somehow, someway, I will be a writer. I will follow in the footsteps of those that came before me. No, we don’t have to let go. No, we don’t have to give into despair over dreams not realized yet. Press on y’all. We can do this thing!

Much Love,