Enjoy Life


In the past two weeks, I have watched helplessly as two families I know have suffered the unexpected deaths of their loved ones. I’ve tried my best to think of words of comfort. Yet, words just seem to fall flat given the enormity of these terrible losses. So what to do? Truly I think we honor these ones by living our best lives. My mother’s words ring in my ears, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” she would tell me. Good advice to a daughter with an overactive imagination; advice I tend to forget from time-to-time. So, the gossip, the back stabbing out there, we simply have to let it go. All the stupid stuff that we worry about, we must brush it from our mind like a stray hair that has fallen from our head. Enjoying life? It’s about our friends. It’s about our families. The gold in our lives is the time spent with the ones we love. So, hold those ones tight y’all. Don’t ever let go over hurt feelings, our mis-understandings. My two beloved families had no idea they would be dealing with these tragedies just mere days ago. Nothing is a guarantee in this world, so breath in, breath out. It is vital that we make the best of each and every day!

Much Love,


Writing Is Therapy…Vent Away As Needed!


So, I probably like this picture more than I should.  

I recently read someone complaining about others complaining on social media (no, the irony of that is not lost on me). But, I must beg to differ on this one! Plain and simple, sometimes we have to vent. If that is your need right now, go ahead, vent away. Right here in the comments…feel free. You see, writing is very therapeutic.

Of course use caution is you do let loose, remember what goes on the internet stays on the internet. So, be vague if it is something about someone, or perhaps something work related. No need to get into trouble here, or anywhere else on the vast world wide web.

But, anyhow, I firmly believe in the positive side of things. However, sometimes life, well, it can be hard and negative. When that is the case, write about it! A journal entry, a poem, a somewhat fictional story about the situation, I highly recommend it. You won’t believe how nice it is to leave it all on the page – and just walk away from it., at least for a bit.

Well, this is me, wishing you a calm, peaceful Wednesday evening. But, if not so calm, write it down!

Much Love,


Fabulous On This Friday…The Art Of Being, The Joy Of The Journey


On this Friday, I’ve been reflecting on something I read this past weekend. The article mentioned while it can be good to imitate another person’s good qualities, it isn’t good to imitate everything about the other person. To mimic how someone speaks, dresses, etc is well, it’s weird. So, it’s the art of being ourselves and enjoying that journey, wherever it takes us.  I took this advice and breathed a sigh of relief. Sure, I’ve learned to accept and love my individuality (my weirdness if you will, I admit it, I’m a bit out there. I’m different. I think most creatives are.)  However, it was nice to hear it, that it is okay to be just who you are, you.

So, on this Friday, this joy of the week, love being you. Embrace what makes you unique. Then, go out there and have fun this weekend, we’ve worked really hard, we deserve it!

Much Love,






Sunrise, Miami Beach Fl USA 

Plain and simple, words, I love them! The power of even one word is astounding. Take for example the word beach. Breath that word in for a moment, and there you stand with your toes in the sand, and hearing the waves crash on the shore. Am I right? Yes indeed. Just the one word and we are transported to a different place.

Yet, there is caution in words. The wrong ones, and we can crush a spirit to a point worse than crushing a bone. Where a bone can heal, the pain of painful words can stick with us for a lifetime. So, great care needs to be taken to choose which words to say or write.

However, there are the words we can give to encourage someone. There is a Bible proverb that states, “As apples of gold in silver carvings, so is a word at the right time.” Even if you are not a Bible reader, can’t you see the truth in those words? Just by a few brief, well chosen words, we can make someone’s day better. We can boost another’s confidence. We can offer words of condolence to another in times of need. So, with this one, there is a key, we have to open our mouths and say the words. No, we may not get it perfect. But, with the best of intentions, we’ll probably help give someone the words they need to hear at that time in their life.

So, enjoy those words y’all. Read, read, read. Drink them in like the fine wine that they are. Bask in the knowledge that a new word can bring. Then use them each day to make the world a bit brighter.

Much Love,


Wishing On This Wednesday…That Everyone Appreciate Their Life Journeys


I listened with great sadness as someone I care about told me of the end of their 35 year marriage. Knowing the circumstances, I wasn’t entirely surprised, yet still sad. Then this person said something that made me stop and think. They felt that they had wasted 35 years of their life. I immediately wanted to say no, of course that wasn’t the case. However, it was too important of a moment for an off the cuff answer. So, having given it some thought, here is what I plan to say to this person:

At no time is our life a waste of time. Even the bad times, they take us on life’s journey. They teach and train us. If we can come out the other side and we are not bitter, then we’ve won. Yes, life has it’s ups and downs. Yes, we can spend a million lifetimes on the “what ifs”.  No, it’s better to appreciate this journey we call life. We must ask ourselves, “What have I learned from this?” Then, we must pull ourselves up, dust our wounded pride off, and move on.  See that bend just ahead in your path? See the good just beyond it, and appreciate your life journey!

Much Love,


Contemplation Tuesday …Fear

thought 2

I faced down one of my biggest fears this past weekend. I can’t go into a lot of detail right now, but it was a pretty bad thing! (And a reason you all may not hear much from me in the next month or two.) And, no, it had nothing to do with the political climate here in the US, it was purely of a personal nature. So, when these things happen, we just have to step back, and take stock of the situation. My loved ones are still alive…check. I’m still alive…check. We are able to take care of the situation…check, check, and check! Sure, I had my meltdown over the whole issue. There were many tears, and much anger. But, that is all I’m allowing myself of that negativity.  Solutions with my dignity in tact, that is my goal. So, don’t live a life of fear. The bad will come and go, trust me. Face it, fight it, and flee to that good positive place you deserve!

Much Love,


Fabulous On A Friday…Life Doesn’t Always Hand You Lemons



Like everyone, I have faced my fair share of disappointments and frustrations in life. Strangely enough, I don’t feel disappointed that I haven’t been able to catch the interest of a Literary Agent yet. Don’t get me wrong, I want to get my mystery series out there; I want to be a working writer. But, I feel patient about the whole process. I simply can wait for the right opportunity. This is so not like me. Usually, I get discouraged and want to just give up on things that don’t meet my expectations. It is not something I am particularly proud of about myself. What this tells me then is that writing is what I am meant to do with my life! What were you meant to do? Go for it on this Fabulous Friday!

Much Love