A Pain In My Universe


As is often the case, I was daydreaming. Unfortunately, I was thinking about something that was annoying me. And this thought came to me, “That’s just a pain in my universe.” What! Where did that come from? Then the silliness of it made me laugh. It snapped me out of my bad mood, and I was able to go on with my day.

So, I thought, could this be a theme to my blog for a bit of time? I do believe so. Not always a pain in that universe, but sometimes a joy, or a smile in same said universe.  I’m sure my book project will come up often on both the pain and the joy side of this thing.

I hope y’all will join me in my little part of this universe of ours. And, I hope your universe pains are not too great today!

Much Love,



Writing Is Therapy…Vent Away As Needed!


So, I probably like this picture more than I should.  

I recently read someone complaining about others complaining on social media (no, the irony of that is not lost on me). But, I must beg to differ on this one! Plain and simple, sometimes we have to vent. If that is your need right now, go ahead, vent away. Right here in the comments…feel free. You see, writing is very therapeutic.

Of course use caution is you do let loose, remember what goes on the internet stays on the internet. So, be vague if it is something about someone, or perhaps something work related. No need to get into trouble here, or anywhere else on the vast world wide web.

But, anyhow, I firmly believe in the positive side of things. However, sometimes life, well, it can be hard and negative. When that is the case, write about it! A journal entry, a poem, a somewhat fictional story about the situation, I highly recommend it. You won’t believe how nice it is to leave it all on the page – and just walk away from it., at least for a bit.

Well, this is me, wishing you a calm, peaceful Wednesday evening. But, if not so calm, write it down!

Much Love,


Writing Has Just Not Been Fun This Week


So, the above picture has pretty much been me this week. Maybe not out loud, but in my head (okay, so a little out loud, but I tried to contain it) I’ve felt angry and frustrated without really knowing the reason for my emotions. But, I finally figured it out, writing has suddenly turned into a chore. The process of trying to get my book published has worn me down a bit. The latest rejection by a publisher has left me mentally exhausted. What to do? I know exactly what to do…Take a deep breath and get back to what I love, storytelling. I absolutely love telling a story. Whether it is a work of fiction, or something that really happened to me, I enjoy entertaining folks with my tall tales.

Patience, I have to keep reminding myself, is a virtue in this writing world. Therefore, I will soldier on. The Tom Carroll Mystery series will find it’s home in the publishing world, somehow, somewhere.

hope pic

Yes! I will put that lasso around hope, and move forward with my dreams. My further hope is that you all do the same.

Much Love,


Fabulous On A Friday…Dream On!

Just some random but much loved quotes:

Without  leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming  after all, is a former of planning. Gloria Stienem

Dream On…dream until your dreams come true. Aerosmith

Love, Live,and never loose sight of your dreams and passions. Eileen 😉

So, short and sweet (mainly because I need to get my butt to my day job).

Have a lovely weekend.

Much love



Simple Saturday…Sometimes Life Does Hand You Lemons.

So, three weeks ago today, this happened:


Yes, that is our home. Attacked by a giant pine tree. A real lemon of a day. But, we weren’t home, no one was hurt. Our poor cats were home, but we found them hiding in the garage. It crashed into my husband’s office…things could have turned out so much worse.  So what do we do with stinky, lemon days like this? Simply deal with it. Obviously, we had no choice but to deal with it. So, the tree guys came and got the tree. The insurance company sent out the adjuster. The contractor has made quick work of the repair (we have our room back, we are now down to mostly the cosmetics of it all.) Take that you lemon! Be gone.

So as not to go nuts, you have to try to find the humor in it all. Our amusement was provided by our cat Sadie Mae. Once the debris was cleaned out of the room, and we knew it was safe to go in there, we took the cats in to inspect. At this point, the room had no ceiling so the attic was visible. Well, Sadie Mae wanted up there in the worst way. She paced the room, meowing and looking up. We told her no and took her out of the room. Well, this week I came home to the workers putting the ceiling in. To my panic, I couldn’t find Sadie Mae anywhere. Yep, you guessed it.  As I was talking to the guys, I hear a faint meow. “I think my cat is in the attic,” I tell the workers. At first, they don’t believe me, but then they hear the meowing. One of them quickly goes up the ladder (the one Sadie Mae probably used to get up  into the attic) and takes apart the ceiling that they just put up. I climb the ladder and am greeted by a very desperate and panicked cat. I got her down and examined her. She’s just fine after her adventure. But, her momma shamed her on Facebook:


My Facebook friends got a laugh out of it. I hope you all do to.

So, another life lesson learned. It’s pure and simple. Life is not always sunshine and lollipops. It’s raw. It’s unnerving. It’s down right painful at times. Yet, what are we when we come out of the other side of our ordeals? Hopefully stronger, a better version of ourselves. Keep living ya’ll and squash those lemons that you are handed!

Much Love,


Fabulous On A Friday…Randomly Examining The Beauty Around Me.

On this fabulous Friday, I thought I would take a moment to appreciate the beauty around me. Here are some random, beautiful pictures from my world:


The Butterfly House – Calloway Gardens, Georgia, USA


The Georgia Aquarium. He came right in front of the viewing window and stopped as if he was saying, “Look at me!”


Adorable penguin (again at the Georgia Aquarium) and equally adorable husband. It looks like they are having a conversation.  Perhaps the topic is sushi 🙂


Anna Ruby Falls, Georgia, USA

Get out there ya’ll and enjoy. So much beauty around us!

Much Love,