My husband took the above picture on our trip last year to Miami Beach Florida, USA. Today, the same hurricane that has caused so much misery in the Caribbean is hurling towards this beautiful area with all its might! Then like a furious warrior, it is forecasted to snake up the state of Florida and  impact us here in the Atlanta area, even though we are located hours away from the coast.

So,I’ve watched this all with much anxiety, and I’m embarrassed to say some tears. But then it hit me. I was crying over the potential loss of material things. Sure, the loss of a beautiful building, hits to our history here in this country (I worry for Ernest Hemingway’s historic home in the Florida Keys), it is a tough pill to swallow. Yet to worry and fret over this,  that was wrong of me. People and their safety, that is vital right now. And you know what? This storm, it doesn’t care. From million dollar mansions to the smallest shack, it took them all out in the Caribbean. Therefore, on the other side of the coin, why should we let our differences as people divide us? In our care and compassion as humans, we can set all that aside and simply get each other through things like this. That is my hope.

Storms like this one coming, and the one that caused so much trouble for the state of Texas, there is only one thing we can do, survive it, then move on. So, it’s a day to think of others. Each and every day is a day to think of our fellow humans.

Much love and please stay safe if you happen to be in the path of the storm.



I Heart You World!

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 2.44.25 PM

So, the above represents all the visitors to my blog within the last quarter. I’m beyond humbled and cannot thank you all enough! To think that you all, from all parts of the world, would take a moment and come to my blog, well, it’s mind blowing to me. You all are simply the best!

And look at us. Despite our differences, we can come together and share a thought. And, for me anyway, the comments that I get are lovely and positive. See family human, we can get along if we try. I have enjoyed having a moment to reach out and chat with some of you a bit.

So, big world, group hug!

Very Much Love,



Enjoy Life


In the past two weeks, I have watched helplessly as two families I know have suffered the unexpected deaths of their loved ones. I’ve tried my best to think of words of comfort. Yet, words just seem to fall flat given the enormity of these terrible losses. So what to do? Truly I think we honor these ones by living our best lives. My mother’s words ring in my ears, “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” she would tell me. Good advice to a daughter with an overactive imagination; advice I tend to forget from time-to-time. So, the gossip, the back stabbing out there, we simply have to let it go. All the stupid stuff that we worry about, we must brush it from our mind like a stray hair that has fallen from our head. Enjoying life? It’s about our friends. It’s about our families. The gold in our lives is the time spent with the ones we love. So, hold those ones tight y’all. Don’t ever let go over hurt feelings, our mis-understandings. My two beloved families had no idea they would be dealing with these tragedies just mere days ago. Nothing is a guarantee in this world, so breath in, breath out. It is vital that we make the best of each and every day!

Much Love,


Live And Let Live


What is it that we do to ourselves when we don’t live and let live? We rob ourselves of friendships and family relationships that could have flourished in the bright light of love. We deprive ourselves of those others who could touch our lives down to the bone and marrow. The ones that could make us the best version of ourselves. So, what is a difference in politics? Or, how about a difference in religion? I know, taboo topics these. Yet, they are the very things that can divide us, separating us from each other. But, what about the smaller things, the nuances of these taboo subjects? What if someone celebrates a different holiday than you? Or, maybe doesn’t celebrate at all. Does it make that one less worthy of our time? Simply because they think and act a bit different than we do? It shouldn’t be so. But, it is. Can we see past our differences, and look for what we share in common?

As always, sending you much love.


Maybe On A Monday …Love


I’m worried. I fear we’ve lost the human touch to our human-ness. I’m as guilty as anyone else of having my nose in my smartphone. Social media can be so much fun. But, it can be very addictive. We all know it is true. We can get so caught up in our own bubble of a world, that we forget to care. We loose sight of the fact that there are fellow people, flesh and blood, in the car next to us. We forget that the person in front of us in the long line at the store has a family that loves them.

So, on this Monday, I wish for you all love. I want for you peace and happiness. I want peace, love, and happiness for you wherever you are in the world, and regardless of your skin color or national origin. I know you all are out there. I’ve watched in awe on my admin page as visitors come to my WordPress sight from Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Australia, and many more places on this wonderful planet we call home. I’m humbled and honored that you all would want to read something this simple country girl from Georgia, USA would write. I often think of you all sitting at your own computers dreaming up what you will post to your own blogs. I wish for you joy and success in your endeavors. Yes, social media can be good, it can be bad. I reckon it just requires balance, simply knowing when to put the phone down, walk away from the computer, and just go out and be a human being.

I’m stepping away from my blog for the rest of the week. I am getting prepared to attend a writers conference this weekend. I’ve signed up to meet with a literary agent face-to-face…yikes! If nothing else, I will learn much from the experience. I have a lot to learn. Sometimes I feel so clueless about this whole publishing a book thing. I am going to post to my blog on Saturday from the conference on my lunch break and afterwords.

So, till then, as always, it’s much love from me!


Maybe On A Monday…We Cut Each Other Some Slack.


I don’t think political correctness is doing us any favors. Honestly, good, clean, pure kindness and respect would take care of most things…without the hard feelings. To me political correctness is beating people over the head with doing the right (or what we think to be) thing. It only causes resentment. I noticed some P.C. when Carrie Fisher died. Steve Martin had to take down his Twitter response because some took issue with his saying that she was beautiful and smart. Cinnabon got in to hot water over paying tribute to her famous hairstyle from Star Wars with cinnamon buns (granted, that one was a bit self serving.) I feel that both Mr. Martin and Cinnabon meant well, that they wanted to honor Ms. Fisher. Take it from someone who has had their pure motives questioned on more than one occasion; it hurts. So, could we just overlook some things?

I’ve included in this post  a quote from one of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou (if you are religious, you’ll recognize that our Creator gave this advice first). Forgiveness is a beautiful thing. And forgiving an offense and moving on is healthy for us.  I know I am going to work harder to apply this beautiful thought of forgiving in my own life.

So, practice love, respect for other’s opinions, and forgiveness when offended. It’s a lovely way to live!

Much Love,


Wishing On A Wednesday…Calm


I’m bringing Wishing On A Wednesday back for a reason. I’m an observer; of humans, of nature, of the world around me in general. I believe that is the writer in me. Anyway, I’m observing, and I don’t like what I’m seeing or experiencing. You see, this past weekend, I was on the receiving end of a nasty racial slur (being a southern, white woman…I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what it was.) Anyway, my husband and I were on public transportation, coming home from the airport. Minding our own business, not speaking or looking at anyone (both of us with our noses in our smartphones of course). And as this person exits the train, BAM, the slur hurled our way. What? Why?

So, apart from it hurting my feelings, it made me sad. You see, I don’t think that way. I love people.  I want to hug, not fight. I don’t see or fear color. I embrace diversity in all beautiful humans. Different cultures, different people, that is what makes us special as the human race. And it makes me sad for the person that said it. Hate is no way to live. When we live a life of resentment, we only damage ourselves. Me, I’ll get past my hurt at this brief encounter. I’ll continue to love everyone that will allow me to love them.  Even though I’ll fail at times, I will pursue goodness and peace…no matter what. So on this Wednesday, I wish for everyone love and calm. Please join me won’t you?

Very Much Love,