The Unpublished Life (of a book)



The unpublished life of my book.
In sadness, I must not look.
Determination like a steamroller.
Shines within me so solar.
Bring the words to life I must!
Creativity cannot form into rust.
So soldier on I absolutely will.
My writing ambitions I will not kill.
Forward I will look.
To the published life of my book.


A Heart That is Broken



A heart that is broken

is still a heart.

A heart in pieces

needs the glue of love

and understanding to

put it back together.

A heart that is hurting

needs patience

not judgement.

A heart that is lost

needs the compass of

compassion to lead the way.

As It Takes Wings


Give it wings,
this anxiety.
Send it away,
order it out!
Set it free,
this resentment.
Banish it from your brain.
Just let it go
Give it no more time and energy.
As it takes wings,
soar yourself!
Fly to your happy place,
and stay.
Be you,
despite what anyone says.
As it takes wings,
give into the journey.
As it vanishes,
smile and turn your back…never look at it again!

What Is The Cost?


For a dream unanswered.
A good thought unrealized.
The fleeting wisp of an idea.
Blowing by you in the night.
That whisper in your ear.
Go for it.
I can’t because…
Silence the inner critic.
Send it away!
The small step.
The move forward.
Even if it inches backward.
You trip and fall.
Move forward again.
And again.
Break the spirit of the inner critic.
And soar.
Peer up over that hill.
To the dream reality.

Dare To Take The Less Traveled Road


Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, USA

Go ahead, dare to take that less traveled road! Sure, it will have bumps, pot holes, and muddy spots. Of course, you will want to turn around and run for the other path. But, that road less traveled? It is as unique as you, and there is nothing wrong with that. So, dream that dream. Own that journey. Make that path your own.

Happy motivated Monday.

Much Love


*With love to the great Robert Frost

Dear Summer


Please stop being so delightful.

For I must be insightful.

The sparkle of the river

draws me ever nearer.

That long walk in the woods

takes me away from my writing goals but good.

Warm sunshine.

Long days on which to outside dine.

But alas I need to write.

To keep my publishing dreams in site.

So summer you can keep it up.

But, I will continue to fill my scribe cup!


I Cry Tears For Manchester


Our babies are gone.

Yes, they were ours, even though we didn’t know them.

The ones to carry on, taken from us.

Our future, our pride, and our joy.

Stolen from us in one horrible minute.

One chance, one decision of doom.

I cry tears for the families of these precious young ones.

I cry tears for a heart so lost that it could justify this act.

I am in pain for us all.

We must learn all there is to know of love.

A love to rise up and keep us going.

Yes, our babies are gone.

Will we honor their memory by doing better?

It’s the gift we can give them.

It’s the love we can show Manchester.